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Ship itinerary

  • Chios -> Piraeus +

    Monday: 23:10 - BLUE STAR PATMOS

    Tuesday: 23:25 - ARIADNE

    Wednesday: 23:10 - BLUE STAR PATMOS

    Thursday: 20:30 - F/G - O/G PELAGITHS

    Thursday: 23:25 - ARIADNE

    Friday: 23:10 - BLUE STAR PATMOS

    Sunday: 21:30 - F/G - O/G PELAGITHS

  • Piraeus - > Chios +

    Monday: 21:00 - ARIADNE

    Tuesday: 20:00 - BLUE STAR PATMOS

    Wednesday: 17:30 - F/G - O/G PELAGITHS

    Wednesday: 21:00 - ARIADNE

    Thursday: 20:00 - BLUE STAR PATMOS

    Friday: 17:30 - F/G - O/G PELAGITHS

    Friday: 21:00 - ARIADNE

    Sunday: 20:00 - BLUE STAR PATMOS

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Rental Terms

  • Car change +

    EasyCar has the right to change the hire car with another of the same class.
  • Transport by ship +

    Transporting the hire car by ship is possible provided there is a written approval by EasyCar.
  • Travel to other countries +

    Travelling beyond the Greek boundaries by a hire car of EasyCar is prohibited, unless there is a prior written approval by the company.
  • Pickup/Return +

    Every pickup/return in the location chosen, takes place after communication and approval with the company.
  • Traffic and/or parking offence infringement fees +

    Paid by the hirer/customer.
  • Petrol/Fuel +

    Petrol/fuel consumption is paid by the hirer/customer.
  • Insurance +

    The hirer is completely responsible for any damage caused to the hire car and therefore he shall pay EasyCar any additional charges that will occur in this case. However, the customer, after agreeing with the company, will be able to limit responsibility by purchasing a CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance according to the car class. Once the hirer agrees to purchase a CDW insurance, he is required to pay an amount of money that releases him from damage of hire car. Any damage in the undercarriage, roof, tires, windshield, windows, interior, and side mirrors is not covered in any case.
  • Speed limit +

  • Minimum hire +

    One day (24 hours). Every extra hour (maximum 3 hours) is charged additionally with 1/5 of the daily fee. For more than three hours of delay, the hirer is charged after agreement with the company.
  • Driving licence +

    The driving licence must be valid, published in the European Union at least one year prior to the car hire, or international accompanied with a local driving licence.
  • Driver’s Age +

    The minimum age limit to drive a hire car of A, B, C class is 21 years, and 23 years for the rest vehicles.
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